There are three types of Facebook and Instagram Ads that every business should consider running.

1. Brand Awareness Ad

Even if your brand is well known, this is just an ad to stay top-of-mind.

Just like Coca-cola runs ads on TV to stay in front of you, you should spend part of your budget to stay top-of-mind with your potential customers.

2. Lead Generation Ad

Most businesses don’t have a large enough email list, and don’t properly use a sales funnel/ladder to convert prospects to paying customers. Lead Gen ads exchange something of value for free for an email address of a targeted prospective customer. Then, the business can use the email address to nurture the prospect into a full paying client.

3. Retargeting Ad

If you’re going to spend money and effort to get people to your website, you should save a bit of marketing budget to retarget them. Most people don’t purchase on the first exposure to you (in fact, they now say it can take 12 exposures before a prospect will engage). A retarteting, or re-marketing, ad will help place your business back in front of people who have visited your website or shown some interest in the product or service you offer. Check out this link to learn more about how retargeting works.

There are a few more types of ads that every business should consider as well; these are just a few of the basics. if you’d like to hear more about them and how they – or any of the above – might work for your specific business, hit us up for a no-pressure chat about it.