The INMARKCO Flywheel Framework™

Phase 1
Increase Exposure to Begin Acceleration

In the first phase of our framework, we’ll use custom interest and geographical targeting — as well as a variety of other techniques — to immediately increase your business or organization’s exposure to new potential customers.

We will focus on one marketing channel which will instant accelerated growth.

Phase 2
Leverage Retargeting to Gain Momentum

During this phase, we’ll leverage retargeting and re-marketing tools to build momentum on the activity of Phase 1.

This targeted retargeting approach will help focus marketing efforts on expanded, increased exposure to the right audiences.

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Phase 3
Broaden Focus to Increase Velocity

Once we have significant momentum by targeting (and retargeting) the right audiences and optimizing conversions, we will expand to other channels.

This phase is where the powerful flywheel begins to generate its own velocity as the various channels feed into the strengths of each other.

Phase 4
Install Solutions to Sustain Growth

The final phase of the flywheel development process is to set your organization up for long-term marketing sustainability.

We will develop a strategy & timeline to help make sure your marketing efforts continue to push your goals and objectives forward and keep the wheel spinning.

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