Ad Campaign Definitions

Impressions –  Every time an ad appears in someone’s timeline it counts as one impression. You are charged for impressions, typically measured by the thousands of impressions.

Reach – Reach is the equivalent of a person. So if your reach is 100, your ads went to 100 different people.

Clicks –  A click is when someone clicks or taps any part of the ad. It could be a click/tap on the graphic or video. It could be a click/tap on the “Read more” link to read the full ad copy. Or, it could be a click/tap on a button.

Link Clicks – A link click is when someone clicks/taps on a link in your ad. It could be from a button or from a link in the text copy.

Landing Page Views – Landing page views are when someone clicks/taps on a button for your ad, exits to a landing page or website page, and views the page long enough for it to completely load into their web browser.

Ad Spend – The amount of money you paid to the platform to run your campaign. This does not include any fees paid to an agency or consultant to manage your campaigns for you.

CPM – Cost per thousand impressions.

CPC – Cost per link click.