Our Process

At INMARKCO, our process is to help you develop a comprehensive marketing plan for your business. While a large part of our work concerns paid traffic, we go beyond placing ads to help you build a long-term, sustainable marketing approach to reaching your target audience.


A characteristic of INMARKCO that we’re quite proud of is our ability to listen to you and adjust our process to your company’s needs. Yes, we have a tried and true, proven process that has produced amazing results for our clients. However, no two clients are the same and — rather than make you adjust your business to us — we adjust to you.

It all begins with a conversation that we call our discovery call. We’ll learn about you, what you do, your mission and passion, and your customers. The discovery call is the key to our ability to deliver customized results.

Detailed Plan

Month 1 – Quick Wins
We’ll run some ads to begin building brand awareness and capitalize on low-hanging fruit. This will create momentum in your advertising process.

Month 2 – Funnel Development
We’ll work with you to develop your marketing funnel strategy, including creating lead magnets, landing pages, and other funnel development tasks to help with long term marketing growth. We’ll continue to run general ads during this phase.

Month 3 – Conversion Optimization
We’ll begin working on your website to make sure we’re converting the clicks we get to your site into customers. We’ll also work with your search engine optimization (SEO) to make sure you’re getting as much organic traffic as possible. We will be running top-of-funnel ads during this phase to build your email list.

Month 4 – Email & Content Marketing
By now, we should be getting a steady flow of inbound leads. We’ll work on a plan to move those cold leads to warmer leads by providing them value through content. We’ll continue to run top-of-funnel ads during this phase.

Month 5 – Facebook Ads Refresh
We’ll begin leveraging your Facebook Pixel and email lists to create custom audiences and lookalike audiences. We’ll place retargeting ads to your custom audiences and warm-lead ads to your custom audiences. We’ll also take a look at your general ads to make sure they’re still performing, and adjust as needed.

Month 6 – Supplemental Marketing
At this point, your funnel should be up and running pretty smoothly. We can begin to explore supplemental marketing tools such as reviews marketing, organic social strategy, alternate ad platforms, etc.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

We are confident in our process and want to prove ourselves to you! Give us a try for a month and if you're not 100% satisfied at the end of the month, just let us know and we'll refund your management fees, no questions asked. This lets you try out month one of our processes, get some quick wins (quick leads) for your business and see that we're legit. We only onboard a couple of new clients per month due the demands for our services, so if you're interested — act now.

Use the calendar link below to schedule a time to chat about what we can do for you.