1. Are Facebook Ads expensive? Can I afford them?

Facebook ads are not expensive and your business can most likely afford them and benefit from them.

You get to set the budget for your ad spend, and depending on your business category, anywhere from $5/day to $300/month will usually result in leads.

Keep in mind it takes a little bit of experimentation at the beginning to determine the right amount to spend.

2. Will Facebook Ads work for my business?

It depends on your type of business. Facebook Ads can work for any business with the right strategy, but they work best for businesses that have high lifetime value customers.

For example, a fast food hamburger business will have to sell a lot of $3 hamburgers to pay for a good ROI on a $300 ad spend. However, a dentist could recoup the investment with just one new customer.

3. Are Facebook Ads really better than any other kinds of advertising?

Yes! Facebook Ads are better than most other types of traditional advertising such as billboards, newspaper ads, TV commercials, etc.

There are a few reasons:

1. Everyone is on Facebook. It’s the largest pool of gathered people in the history of advertising.

2. Targeting. You can target specific audiences with specific interests and demographics to make sure you aren’t wasting money advertising to someone who will never have an interest in your product.

3. Metrics. With any digital marketing tool, you can measure the effectiveness of your efforts. However, Facebook includes advanced metrics to let you fine-tune your ads even more than most.

4. How do Facebook Ads work?

It’s really quite simple. You choose your budget, your time frame, and your audience. Then you upload a photo or video with a headline and some text copy and Facebook does the work of finding people to show your ad to.

You can have them click to your website from the ad, have them to a landing page, hit you up on Facebook Messenger, and more.

Not sure how to begin, what photo to use, or what text to write? That’s where we come in… contact us today!

5. How does targeting work?

Facebook has developed extremely advanced methods to track data of its users. Advertisers can leverage this data to make sure your advertisement is placed in front of people that make sense for your business.

We can target based on:

• Interests • Demographics • Geographical Region • Engagement With Your Facebook Page • People Who Have Visited Your Website • And More!

6. What is retargeting and how does it work?

Retargeting is the process of tracking people who have visited your website, put a product in an online shopping cart, previously purchased from you, etc. and placing ads in front of them on Facebook.

You’ve likely experienced retargeting that time you looked at a product on a website and the next day an ad appeared in your Facebook feed. That’s retargeting.

It feels creepy, but it’s completely ethical and safe and extremely effective.

7. I’m not very tech savvy. How can I get started?

Facebook Ads are so easy, almost anyone can do them. However, placing ads and getting them right so you’re not wasting money is a different story.

Effective ad management is part technique, part science, and a lot of art.

It requires skills in graphic design, copywriting, and data-tracking / testing.

If all of that sounds a bit over your head, don’t worry. The team at INMARKCO stands ready to help.

How about a free trial to see if Facebook Ads work for you?

If you’d like to give Facebook Ads a try, we’ll wade into the waters with you. We’re currently offering a free two-week trial to a limited number of new customers to see if Facebook Ads are a good fit for your business.

At minimum, we’ll do some basic setup work on your website (such as installing the Facebook Pixel) for free that you get to keep whether you hire us to manage your ads or not. It’s a no-lose offer, so contact us today to get started.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

We are confident in our process and want to prove ourselves to you! Give us a try for a month and if you're not 100% satisfied at the end of the month, just let us know and we'll refund your management fees, no questions asked. This lets you try out month one of our processes, get some quick wins (quick leads) for your business and see that we're legit. We only onboard a couple of new clients per month due the demands for our services, so if you're interested — act now.

Use the calendar link below to schedule a time to chat about what we can do for you.