Getting Started With INMARKCO

The first step in allowing us to manage your Facebook Ads is to connect your Facebook Business Manager account to ours as a partner. If you’re not sure what a Facebook Business Manager account is — nor how to connect it — no worries (that’s what this page is for). You have 3 options for getting it connected:

(1) Send us your Facebook account login credentials and we’ll do it all. This is the easiest way to go.

(2) If you aren’t sure about giving us your Facebook account credentials, we can jump on a Zoom call where you watch as we control your screen and get everything connected for you.

(3) If you’re the do-it-yourself type, you can use the steps below to set it all up yourself. We walk you through it step-by-step. With this option, you’ll need our Business Manager ID: 1935407086695924

Connecting us to your Business Manager to INMARKCO as a partner:


Facebook is constantly changing the way screens look and they roll them out to different users at different times, but these instructions should get you close. (Wherever you see “374 Media Group” in the screenshots below, substitute your page/account.)


Step 1 – Login To Facebook
Go to and login to your personal account as yourself. Everything you do in Facebook Business Manger requires you to be personally logged in (we will not have access to your personal account).


Step 2 – Create/Login to Business Manager

Go to

If either a business select page opens, you already have a Business Manager account. You can select the correct business and move on to Step 3. Or, if a business settings page opens, you already have a Business Manager account and can move on to Step 3.

If neither opens, you will be prompted to create a Business Manager account. Follow the prompts to create that account. Important: Name your business manager with a name the reflects your business and add “Business Manager” to the end of the name.


Step 2b – Create an Ads Manager Account

If you needed to create a Business Manager account in the previous step, you likely will need to create an Ads Manager account. Go to in your web browser and follow the prompts to set up an Ads Manager account. Important, name the Ads Manager account the same name as your Business Manager Account, but instead of adding “Business Manager” at the end, add “Ads Manager.”

Be sure to follow the prompts to add a payment method.


Step 3: Partnership Connection in Business Accounts

  • Go back to (copy/paste it in your address bar)
  • Click on Partner
  • Select “Give a partner access to your account”
  • Add our Business Manager account ID – 1935407086695924


Step 3b – Assign permissions to the Page

Note: Your page could be in either Classic Pages or New Page Experience

  • Select your page
  • Give full permissions (you might have to scroll to the bottom of the list)
  • Be sure to click the “Save” button


Step 3c – Assign permissions to Ad Account

  • Click on Ad Accounts in the left column
  • Select your Ad Account
  • Give full access (you might have to scroll to the bottom of the list)
  • Be sure to click save


Step 3d – Optional – If you have a Pixel created, assign permissions to the Pixel


Step 3e – Optional – If you have an Instagram account connected to your business, assign permissions to the Instagram account


Also, very important, be sure to go to the billing section and make sure you have a payment method assigned to the Business Account.


That’s all there is to it! We should get a notification that you’ve added us as a partner, but just in case you might want to notify us as well.