How We Get You High-Quality Leads Using Facebook Ads

One of the primary ways we help our clients is by acquiring them traffic that leads to customers using Facebook Ads. Below is a brief overview of the method we’ve found to be highly-effective.

Valuable Offer
The cornerstone to any good Facebook Ad is having a valuable offer to attract your potential customer to click on your ad. For a dentist, it might be a free cleaning. For a high-end hair salon, it might be a free cut. For a dance studio, perhaps we offer the first month free so someone can try things out risk-free.

Once you’ve got them interested in what you have to offer, closing the sale is pretty easy.

Audience Targeting
The key to getting customers from your ad is making sure it’s placed in front of the right people. All the visitors in the world to your website don’t matter if they’re not people who are ready to buy from you. We have advanced methods of targeting your customer in Facebook using geographical micro-targeting, behavior and interest targeting, and demographics.

Once we put a valuable offer in front of the right person, the customer is as good as yours! Contact us today for a no-obligation exploratory discussion about how we can reach your potential customers.

Wait…there’s more!

We don’t just stop at the basics of placing your ad in front of people. We take your marketing efforts to the next level…


Retargeting is the process of placing ads in front of people who’ve engaged with you. By targeting folks who’ve liked your Facebook page, visited your website, etc. we can capture customers that have shown interest behavior and get business you might’ve otherwise missed.

Email Capture

One of the most important elements of online marketing is building an email list of warm prospects that you can continue to communicate to about your products or services.

Metrics & Tracking

Effective marketing on Facebook requires careful tracking of analytics. We monitor all ads we place for you for ad fatigue, algorithm changes, and other factors that might increase or decrease effectiveness.

Free Trial

We are so confident in our process, we’ll give qualified customers a free month of Facebook Ad Management. This lets you try out month one of our process above, get some quick wins (quick leads) for your business and see that we’re legit. We only do a couple of free trials a month due the demands for our services, so if you’re interested — act now.