Which of the following scenarios sounds best to you:

Your ideal-fit customer is watching their favorite TV show. They’re reclined back in their chair or sofa and are mindlessly scrolling through their newsfeed on Facebook or Instagram and your ad appears in front of them. They’re reminded that they need your offer and click a button to book a call with you or come into your store the next day.

— or —

Your ideal-fit client is at work and realizes they have a problem. They open up Google and do a keyword-based search. With any luck, your website shows up and they choose to click over to your website as opposed to the other options that are there.

You’ve just experienced the difference between Display Advertising and Search Advertising.

One form, Display, allows you to PUSH your ads out to people who might not realize they need you until they see your ad. The other form, Search, allows you to PULL people to your website after they’ve searched for you.

Both forms of advertising are important. Both require the right setup procedures to work well. Both need a decent-sized budget in order to reach the people you’re looking to reach. But the way they function is vastly different.

When working with clients, we typically recommend beginning with Display Ads on Facebook and Instagram. There are a variety of options to help get your brand message and offer in front of your audience for a moderate amount of ad spend.

Once you’ve placed your product/service and brand in front of people sufficiently, you can begin the work of thinking through keywords that people might use to search for you. Once you’ve dialed in these keywords, you’ll begin to see good results from Search Advertising.

A nice synergy can be created when both forms are effectively used together. Add in retargeting and remarketing techniques and you’ll find the return on investment increase.

If you’d like help with your ad strategy or with deciding which is right for you, we’d love to have that discussion. Contact us to get started…