When we talk to business owners, sometimes they are hesitant to hire an expert to run ads because they’ve had success with a DIY (do-it-yourself) approach. Perhaps they’ve simply been lucky, or maybe they have some skill and aptitude toward paid online advertising and have had success with getting new business using ads.

While DIY might be an effective way to get started with ads, most businesses would benefit from hiring an advertising agency to help as soon as possible. Below are a few reasons why:

1. Time

There is a principle in business that if someone else can do a job 70%-80% as well as you, it’s better to hire it out. An online marketing expert is likely better at running paid ads than you, but even if they are only as good as you are, you should hire them to buy that time back.

Sure, you could save the money and do it yourself, but at what cost? Your primary focus should be running your business and serving your customers, not marketing. There is an opportunity cost to doing something in your business that someone else can do for you; namely, time away from doing the things that only you can do.

2. Keeping Up With Industry Changes

The online advertising landscape changes often. Some even believe that Facebook updates their advertising algorithm daily. Do you really have the time and ability to keep up with those changes? Should you be the person who is focused on adjusting your ads, testing, tweaking, etc. or would that be better suited for someone who does it day in and day out?

An ad consultant is someone who eats and breathes these changes. They’re doing the quantity of daily ad placements where they can quickly see the nuanced algorithmic shifts. They are daily testing different approaches, talking to other experts, and can quickly react to changes in advertising currents.

3. Expertise

Aside from keeping up with industry changes, experienced ad consultants are going to have an advanced expertise that your ad campaigns can benefit from. They know how to look at breakdowns to see who/what/when/where/why your ads are or are not performing well. They know how to read the analytics to make sure you’re not wasting money. They have tools to get your message, brand, and offer in front of the right audience. They know how to write copy, create images, and position the CTAs. They know which technical ad objectives are going to work best to achieve your result. They know about techniques such as conversion APIs, retargeting, and more.

4. Beyond The Ad

A good ad consultant or agency is going to help you beyond the ad. If you don’t know about landing page optimization, automated email response sequences, building lead generators, or how to convert a customer once they’ve clicked on your ad, you might be missing out on low-hanging fruit customers and wasting money on your advertising efforts.

5. Peace of Mind

Speaking of wasting money, if you’ve ever had the slightest concern about wasting money on ads, you might consider hiring someone to help you. Not only will an ad expert help you monitor your spend, but they’ll help you have peace of mind that your money is doing all that it could be doing. That’s not the only peace of mind that you’ll get though: an ad expert can help you make sure your ad account and Facebook page stays in good standing. They can help you make sure you aren’t missing anything obvious. They can give you peace of mind that you aren’t targeting the wrong type of customer or aren’t making more problems for yourself.

Peace of mind, especially when it comes to advertising, is worth a lot of money. Fortunately, you can hire a good ad expert without spending a fortune.

You might’ve experienced some success with creating a boosted post or even a basic ad campaign. But if you truly want to take your online paid marketing to the next level (and you should!), you might consider hiring a paid ad expert.